Who I am?


I am a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher and Massage Therapist. I am currently registered with both the RFI (Reiki Federation Ireland) and the IMTA (Irish Massage Therapist Association).


I have a somewhat unique background in that I have spent the last 21 years working as a Medic within the Defence Forces, qualifying as a Paramedic through UCD in 2006.

I am a strong advocate for self-care and I believe that we constantly need to check in with ourselves to see what’s “going on”! It’s my opinion that much of todays disease and illness result from not dealing or coping with initial trauma both physical and emotional within our bodies. I personally believe in the power of meditation and have spent years cultivating my own meditation practice which enables me to focus on the present moment both internally and externally. “As a therapist, meditation is one of my tools used to remain cantered; a happy and balanced therapist provides the basis for a positive client- therapist experience”!


To help our bodies return to a balanced state I offer deeply relaxing therapies such as Reiki and various Massage Therapies. I also provide courses if you would like to learn Reiki.

During all treatments, I work very closely with my intuition. So, when you are in this space as a client, you should feel that you are in safe hands. I love working with clients that are ready to accept responsibility for their own healing and wellbeing, “the therapist can bring the client so far, the remainder of the work must be done by the client”.

“We don’t need to feel guilty about looking after ourselves; it’s not selfish in fact it’s a mark of self-respect.

I am constantly up-skilling with courses so keep an eye on my up and coming available treatments.